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G.A.S.: Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Live

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Ravenscry PPM 2014

As we all know, there have been three important inventions in human’s history, which changed its course: The wheel firstly attributed to the 25 years old beauty from “Piacenziano” times called Lucy Afarensis, but lately attributed to the famous Ötzi… former member of Paleo-Sabbath and creator of the Ösbournes. The Lamborghini Miura (by Ferruccio Lamborghini […]

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Live Shows – part 2

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Live Concert

In my last post, I tried to talk about the problems of live music and the reasons of its onward decay. Since I do not like useless criticism, now I will try to explain what could be an alternative model of planning live music that could be more satisfying and successful for all the actors […]

Mauro's Corner

Subway Adventures: 5 Human Species I Met

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It’s obvious. When you play in a famous band known all over the world, from Pandino (Italy) to Timbuktu, people recognize you in the subway, they stop you, they want a selfie with you and an autograph on the earlobe. You must not lose patience: you know, it’s a positive fact, it’s the natural order of things. Famous […]