Studio Report: Drums and Bass

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Studio Update Drums and Bass

Yes, we are in studio! We are recording the new album and here it is a resume of all our studio updates by now. Day #1: Drums DAY #1: Drums Simon started the recordings, everything is going great! #Ravenscry #newalbum #metal #studiolife #composing #ilivealive #musiclife #musician #artist #songwriter #proaudio #recordingstudio #studiomode #alternative #metalband #rockon #music […]

Simon's Corner

Let’s Go In The Studio!

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Simon Composing

Hey folks, this time I will not bore you with my long philosophical and spiritual reflections… unfortunately (…unfortunately?!) Ravenscry wanted me back to Earth because in these days I will have to enter the Ravenstudio in order to record the new album!!! (Yeah!) So, in the last weeks, I had to concentrate on this big […]

Fagio's Corner

Being A Professional Musician

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Music Professional

How many times have you heard musicians or people who works in the musical field complaining about the fact that “they are not taken seriously” in their work? I work in this field since many years and now, after a long experience, I think that I have understood the reasons of this complaint: musicians and […]

Fagio's Corner

Live Shows – part 2

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Live Concert

In my last post, I tried to talk about the problems of live music and the reasons of its onward decay. Since I do not like useless criticism, now I will try to explain what could be an alternative model of planning live music that could be more satisfying and successful for all the actors […]

Mauro's Corner

Subway Adventures: 5 Human Species I Met

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It’s obvious. When you play in a famous band known all over the world, from Pandino (Italy) to Timbuktu, people recognize you in the subway, they stop you, they want a selfie with you and an autograph on the earlobe. You must not lose patience: you know, it’s a positive fact, it’s the natural order of things. Famous […]

Paul's Corner

G.A.S.: Hughes & Kettner Coreblade

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Paul Raimondi with Hughes & Kettner Coreblade

“If you think that perfection doesn’t exist you probably never played through a Coreblade”. I started this series of post talking about how Jeff Waters with his Annihilator changed my life about 20 years ago. Weird, but today we will talk again about him because what I am describing today is the Coreblade amp, which […]