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Live Shows – part 2

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Live Concert

In my last post, I tried to talk about the problems of live music and the reasons of its onward decay. Since I do not like useless criticism, now I will try to explain what could be an alternative model of planning live music that could be more satisfying and successful for all the actors […]

Mauro's Corner

Subway Adventures: 5 Human Species I Met

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It’s obvious. When you play in a famous band known all over the world, from Pandino (Italy) to Timbuktu, people recognize you in the subway, they stop you, they want a selfie with you and an autograph on the earlobe. You must not lose patience: you know, it’s a positive fact, it’s the natural order of things. Famous […]

Paul's Corner

G.A.S.: Hughes & Kettner Coreblade

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Paul Raimondi with Hughes & Kettner Coreblade

“If you think that perfection doesn’t exist you probably never played through a Coreblade”. I started this series of post talking about how Jeff Waters with his Annihilator changed my life about 20 years ago. Weird, but today we will talk again about him because what I am describing today is the Coreblade amp, which […]

Simon's Corner

The Path of Music #1 – Musician’s Ego

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Musician's Ego

“Transcending your ego”, “Overcoming your ego”, “Disassociate yourself from your ego”, “Abandon your ego”: these are some of the expressions you could find while reading the various books about spirituality, meditation, Eastern philosophy or inner growth. In the end, what the hell is this damn “ego”? I knew that the word “ego”, in Latin, means […]

Fagio's Corner

Live Shows

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Ravenscry Live in PPM 2014

How many times has happened that you decided to go to a live concert of a band you like but you gave up in the end for one or more reasons? The over-priced ticket, the location too far away, the distrust about the organization of the event… How many times have you complained on social […]

Giulia's Corner

What are we talking about?

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Each one of us, in front of a brightly colored or intensely dark painting, after a quick glance, at least once in life has thought these following slimy words: “A two years old would have done it better”. I myself thought it, before I realized that not all of my feelings and my emotions could […]