Studio Update Drums and Bass

Studio Report: Drums and Bass

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Yes, we are in studio! We are recording the new album and here it is a resume of all our studio updates by now. Day #1: Drums DAY #1: Drums Simon started the recordings, everything is going great! #Ravenscry #newalbum #metal #studiolife #composing #ilivealive #musiclife #musician #artist #songwriter #proaudio #recordingstudio #studiomode #alternative #metalband #rockon #music […]

Musician's Ego

The Path of Music #1 – Musician’s Ego

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“Transcending your ego”, “Overcoming your ego”, “Disassociate yourself from your ego”, “Abandon your ego”: these are some of the expressions you could find while reading the various books about spirituality, meditation, Eastern philosophy or inner growth. In the end, what the hell is this damn “ego”? I knew that the word “ego”, in Latin, means […]



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Violence is a prison. It is certainly a prison to the victim, and it is also a prison for those who inflicts violence. Nuances, also regarding this issue, are multiple and often opposite one another. With Alive we give voice to a victim of violence and the circle of limiting thoughts that comes out from her mind. We are talking […]

The Attraction of Opposites Japanese Edition

Ravenscry (レイヴンスクライ) 「The Attraction Of Opposites」(ジ・アトラクション・オブ・アパジッツ)

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2015 年6 月24 日発売 2012 年デビュー作「ワン・ウェイ・アウト」で話題を呼んだ 美麗女性リード・シンガー“ジュリア”率いる イタリア・ミラノ出身ゴシック/シンフォニック・ヘヴィ・メタル・バンド 待望のセカンド・アルバム!! Ravenscry (レイヴンスクライ) 「The Attraction Of Opposites」(ジ・アトラクション・オブ・アパジッツ) ★アルバム・インフォメーション *アーティスト:Ravenscry / レイヴンスクライ *アルバム・タイトル:「The Attraction Of Opposites」/ジ・アトラクション・オブ・アパジッツ *発売日:2015 年6 月24 日(水) *税込定価:2,500 円+ 税 *品番:XQIR-1066 *レーベル:Ravenscry Japan *ジャンル:洋楽/ヘヴィ・メタル/女性ヴォーカル/ゴシック・メタル *JAN Code 4 5 6 2 2 7 5 5 8 0 7 8 7 *販売元:スペースシャワーネットワーク *収録曲目(全14 曲) 1)Luxury of a […]


The Band

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Ravenscry were born in 2008, near Milan, from the encounter… no wait a second, you can find this shit into the official biography as well. This is our blog, this is more a “take a look inside the box” thing, we want you to know us better and in a different way because we want […]