Giulia is hot

Giulia is hot

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In my previous posts, I tried to enlighten some of the problems of being an artist in music and what kind of cultural boundaries we have to cross every day to give the best in our job. Our job is based on a mixture of musical talent, ability to perform, creativity and knowledge, but we […]

Ravenscry PPM 2014

G.A.S.: Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Live

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As we all know, there have been three important inventions in human’s history, which changed its course: The wheel firstly attributed to the 25 years old beauty from “Piacenziano” times called Lucy Afarensis, but lately attributed to the famous Ötzi… former member of Paleo-Sabbath and creator of the Ösbournes. The Lamborghini Miura (by Ferruccio Lamborghini […]