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The Attraction of Opposites Turns 2

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TAOO Turns 2

Time goes by but good memories never fade! Two years ago, on May 27th, our second full length The Attraction Of Opposites came out. It was an important step for Ravenscry, and we would like to celebrate this day with you, of course. How so? You can get a SIGNED copy of TAOO, with a […]

Mauro's Corner

The 3 Songs I Would Play At The End Of The World

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I have always been drawn to disaster movies. I do not know why exactly, probably thinking about what I would do in certain “end of the world” situations fascinates me. Would I have sent a virus to the alien servers of Independence Day or I simply would have installed Windows Vista? Would I have gone on the asteroid […]

Giulia's Corner

World-sized Group Therapy

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Hall Freud Jung in front of Clark 1909

We all feel like philosophers on Facebook. That frenzy feed, so filled with more or less spontaneous chats, is pushing us to take out the best (or the worst) of our being (being, so, organisms with a complex mental capacity). But I noticed that there is a huge difference between what most of users are […]

Paul's Corner

G.A.S: DBZ Bird of Prey

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DBZ Bird of Prey

As I wrote in my first post on this blog, I like changing my guitars and amplifiers a lot. It is not because I am not satisfied of what I have, but in this way, I have the chance to try many instruments and sometimes I find some good surprise. Like the guitar I am […]

Fagio's Corner

Giulia is hot

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Giulia is hot

In my previous posts, I tried to enlighten some of the problems of being an artist in music and what kind of cultural boundaries we have to cross every day to give the best in our job. Our job is based on a mixture of musical talent, ability to perform, creativity and knowledge, but we […]