G.A.S: DBZ Bird of Prey

DBZ Bird of Prey

As I wrote in my first post on this blog, I like changing my guitars and amplifiers a lot. It is not because I am not satisfied of what I have, but in this way, I have the chance to try many instruments and sometimes I find some good surprise. Like the guitar I am going to talk you about: the DBZ Bird of Prey.

Let us start from the brand: DBZ. This brand is property of the Dean Guitars founder Dean Zelinsky. He sold Dean Guitars, but he decided to continue with his ideas of elaborated guitars founding DBZ in 2008. Today the name has changed into Diamond Guitars but the models are the same.

I bought this guitar because I never had a real “evil” guitar… I had many guitars with a fantastic tone, but I never had one with an extreme shape. I thought they were uncomfortable, I often play in the studio, so I was convinced that I would have had problems by playing while sitting, and there was not a guitar that was aggressive and modern at the same time. Until DBZ arrived.

The Bird of Prey model is a V shaped guitar but with another shoulder (without this shoulder they are called Venom by DBZ). It is thanks to this shoulder, which is under the body, that everything changes. Not only because it is very well built as the rest of the guitar, but also because it makes it very comfortable. If you will try to play a standard V shaped guitar, you will immediately think: “why didn’t I bought a Stratocaster?!” Because the only wait to keep it stable is to fit it between your legs :) With this guitar, you can take the position you prefer, between your legs or on a single leg. Thanks to the third shoulder, it will be like a normal Superstrat, which is a lot.

I will not bother you with the tech specs, which you can find directly at this address:  http://www.guitarsbydiamond.com/catalog/product.php?id=bopfm3-fr-uv

However, I would like to describe you the sensations that this monster gives to me. Between the dozens of guitars I had or tried this is between the best fitting to a fast and heavy guitar style. The neck is practically perfect, the string tension is great. There is not that “gummy” feeling of the strings following your pick as an elastic, even with the lower tunings. Actually, I am using it in D. I also have a very heavy way of playing guitar, I’m not very elegant when using my hands and I use a lot of force when doing chords and this characteristic, with the sound of the EMGs 81/85, made this guitar one of my favorite ever.

Give yourself a chance, try it.

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