Bass: Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli


They say that you are not a real fan of a band if you do not know the bass player’s name: pleased to meet you.

I am the one who is on stage while the others play. I play that instrument of which no one knows the sound, but you can immediately notice if it’s missing: the big guitar. Yes, it has two strings less, but only because those who play the instruments that you can hear have eight strings. The rule is simple: guitar strings – 2 = big guitar strings.

The big guitar is called by the insiders BASS or BASS GUITAR, it differs from the GUITAR or ALTO GUITAR by the number of strings and the audibility.

My nickname comes from the surname, which is almost like the nickname, but longer and different.

I’m a nerd.

I love off-roading, physics and all that is audio technology, it just has to have lights.

Talking about myself is very difficult, that’s why I won’t.

I’m synthetic. I’m lazy.

Oh yes, I forgot: I’m a missed guitar player.

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5 thoughts on “Bass: Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli

  1. The bass has been my favorite for quite some time now. Without it, songs just feel very empty. Also, I always took you for the quiet one (Giulia to a lesser extent). Out of all of you, Mauro is easily the chattiest!!

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