ANNOUNCEMENT: New Ravenscry Member!

Federico Schiavoni

Important news. The band announces that founder guitarist Paul Raimondi, due to personal commitments, will no longer be able to play with the band live. The musician still will be part of Ravenscry as a composer and producer.
To take his place live there will be Federico Schiavoni, a 26-year-old guitarist who has already played in recent band live appearances, including the Queensrÿche opening concert at Phenomenon on June 29 and the One More Light – Chester Bennington Memorial event on September 23, which has filled the Fabrique venue in Milan with 3000 people.

Here are the first Federico’s words as a new Ravenscry member:
I’m very happy to be part of the Ravenscry family: I found great people, as well as great musicians, to share the stage and moments outside the studio with. I already played live with them and the harmony was immediate. It was easy; the boys immediately put me in ease and in the ideal conditions to work. I can’t wait to start working with them full time and to give my best in this new adventure”.

The band also wanted to express their feelings about this important change through the words of singer Giulia Stefani:
Paul’s decision, although we expected it from a while, has hit us deeply, though clearly we understand his reasons. On the other hand, Federico’s entry into the band is a relief and brings renewed enthusiasm: he is an enterprising person and a capable guitar player. We are very happy to have it with us!”
Here there are the upcoming Ravenscry concerts, where you could see the band playing with the new line-up:

10/11 – One More Light 2 (Campus Industry Music, Parma)
16/11 – Traffic (Rome, supporting Kobra And The Lotus)
17/11 – Circolo Svolta (Rozzano, Milan, supporting Kobra And The Lotus)
18/11 – Hall Of Fame (Wetzikon, CH, supporting Kobra And The Lotus)

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