After The Tour: An Incredible Experience

Ravenscry Live Chez Paulette

It’s hard to describe all the feelings that are flowing through our souls after this tour.
We had to salute all the “family” just a week ago, but it seems already too much time. It has been a huge honor to bring our music, especially our third album “The Invisible”, ¬†across Europe with such amazing musicians and persons. It was an incredible experience, that we will remember forever.

We played in 11 different cities. Unfortunately our tour bus broke on the road to England, and we had to give up to London. We were so sad, but, anyway, the show must go on. Every city and country gave us different feelings, and we had the chance, sometimes, to visit a bit around the venue.

It was exciting to some of you under the stage with a Ravenscry t-shirt, or singing one of the songs. It was amazing making pics with all of you and talking with you guys.

It was incredible sharing these 2 weeks with legends like Angra and Geoff Tate, who sold milions of copies in their history, eating with them and talking about any topics.

During these weeks we literally built a great family. Giving each other the last hug yesterday was very hard, but in some ways we know that this is not the end! It’s just the beginning, because in our hearts we will always be connected and surely one day we will meet again!

THANK YOU: Angra Operation: Mindcrime Halcyon Way Marcelo Barbosa Official Rafael Bittencourt Felipe Andreoli Bruno Valverde Fabio Lione (Official) Geoff Tate (Official) Arie Aranovich Ivo Colleoni, Tony Driver and Thomas, Ross Louden Carl Casagrande Chris Kane, all the venues, and YOU, the fans that came to see us and all the people who gave us support during this tour.

Giulia, Fagio, Fede, Mauro, Simon

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