2017: “The Invisible” Year. Thank you…

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Ravenscry Live Queensryche

Ravens! Another year is gone. A fantastic year that has seen, first of all, the release of our third album, “The Invisible”, for which we are extremely proud of and it seems that you really liked it so far! This is also why we want to thank all the people we collaborated with during this […]

Ravenscry Agenda

Ravenscry Agenda – 9 Oct 16

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Ravenscry Agenda 09/10/2016

We are listening back to all the tracks we recorded, to be sure that we made no mistakes during all the steps. Since we decided to use all real instruments where possible there are a lot of tracks to check and it’s a very long job. We are also working on deciding a release date […]


Studio Report: Vocals and Strings

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Giulia Stefani sings

We finished the Vocals and the Strings! The new album is completely tracked! Vocals For the vocals we decided to go full-tube and we used the Lewitt LCT 940 in tube configuration and we used a Midas Venice 320 with the legendary Midas XL3 preamps. You will hear the results on the album. Strings We […]


Studio Report: Guitars

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Guitars Recording

We just finished recording the guitars for the new album, there were a lot of different tracks this time, but we did it and the results are mind-blowing! This is the gear we used: Electric Guitar We wanted to try different sounds, but at the end we used again the mighty Hughes & Kettner Coreblade […]