2017: “The Invisible” Year. Thank you…

Ravenscry Live Queensryche


Another year is gone. A fantastic year that has seen, first of all, the release of our third album, “The Invisible”, for which we are extremely proud of and it seems that you really liked it so far! This is also why we want to thank all the people we collaborated with during this 2017:

Roberto Laghi for mixing The Invisible.

Jacob Hansen for mastering The Invisible.

Mario Sanchez aka Aegis Strife for the amazing The Invisible artwork.

Alfredo Grassi and Ruben Paganelli for TimeTrack Studios.

Max Valerio for the Oscillation videoclip and the last two photo shootings.

Thanks to our endorsements companies: Hughes & Kettner, Two Notes, Lewitt, Steinberg, Audio-Technica.

Francesca Marciano and all the people who worked for One More Light.

Thanks to Beppe Bolzoni for being on stage with us at One More Light.

Christian Grasso and Crown Metal Agency.

All the band and artists who shared the stage with us: De La Muerte, Russel Allen, Wait Hell in Pain, Setanera, Methodica, Queensryche, Colors Void, Pure, Lost In The Dream, Black Sheep, Codename: Delirious, Ivan King & NeroArgento, Dual Project, Living Theory, Secret Rule, Kobra and The Lotus.

Thanks to Lucrezia Tesauro for the precious advices and Elisabetta Napoli for her constant assistance.

Thanks to Ivo Colleoni, the best sound technician we could have!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU, for your constant and precious support!

Thanks to the Coral inside everyone!

Welcome 2018!


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