Live Shows – part 2

Live Concert

In my last post, I tried to talk about the problems of live music and the reasons of its onward decay. Since I do not like useless criticism, now I will try to explain what could be an alternative model of planning live music that could be more satisfying and successful for all the actors who take part in the game.

Let us start with the band: not only they have to perform and set up a great show, but they also have to promote it on their own channels. Their income is represented by the cost of the entrance fee, which is totally given to the band.

The venue owner has to make the location available for the show and to pay the dinner for the band and their staff but he also has to invest some money in promotion, not as a favor to the band, but to have the biggest audience possible since his earnings come from the drink/food incomes. Moreover, a successful night will increase the fame of the venue and maybe increase the number of future customers too.

The promotion agency gets a fixed income by the venue owner for the promotion work. Since both the band and the venue owner have to rely on a solid work, the agency has to be chosen with care and its selection has to be based on very strict standards.

The planning of the event has to be based on some rules. For example: the show has to be set when there aren’t other events which could conflict with it and in nights that are “comfortable” for the audience.

Studio Update

Following this model, every actor of the process can get an income. The more the work is well done, the more the earnings will be satisfying, so everyone is motivated to give the best. The abilities of every part of the process are tested: the band, who has to perform an exciting show, the venue owner and the agency, who have to be able to promote in a very cost-effective way, increasing the potentialities of their own business.

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