The Attraction of Opposites Turns 2

TAOO Turns 2

Time goes by but good memories never fade!

Two years ago, on May 27th, our second full length The Attraction Of Opposites came out. It was an important step for Ravenscry, and we would like to celebrate this day with you, of course.

How so?

TAOO Promo 1

You can get a SIGNED copy of TAOO, with a 15% discount! Yes, you heard it!

Go here:

TAOO Digipak

Do you already have it? That’s great! Why don’t you send us a pic of you with TAOO Digipak? Or, if you like, write us a memory about TAOO, a song you like or a moment you spent with TAOO on the background! We will really appreciate that, let’s share how music can get our moments in life so unique!

Thanks for your support, don’t miss #TAOOBirthday and celebrate with us!

The promo will be over at the end of the month!

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