Let’s Go In The Studio!

Simon Composing

Hey folks, this time I will not bore you with my long philosophical and spiritual reflections… unfortunately (…unfortunately?!) Ravenscry wanted me back to Earth because in these days I will have to enter the Ravenstudio in order to record the new album!!! (Yeah!) So, in the last weeks, I had to concentrate on this big happening and I had to focus more on music and less on everything else. Let us take this opportunity to see which compositional processes led me to the drafting and preparation of the drum parts for this third full length.

1 – After processing the songs along with the rest of the band, we wrote the drum parts on the PC. These were “rough parts”, to be included in preproductions. This was useful to get an idea on the yield that the various drum grooves can have on the song.
2 – The raw parts are transcribed in order to be studied on then played on the real instrument.
3 – During this phase I elaborate alone some new different parts to be added to add new grooves and to compose more suited fills.
4 – The new parts are re-inserted into the preproductions so we can re-evaluate the final result with the band and we make the final changes.
5 – With the complete parts and each single hit in the right spot (nothing is left to chance…) there shall be a new transcript of the final scores.
6 – I proceed with the study of the songs in order to be at my best when recording.

That’s it! I hope that the new compositional approach can produce satisfactory results… you will let us know when the job is done!

Meanwhile, I will go back studying the tracks…


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