Ten Years of Ravenscry!

Ravenscry Live in PPM 2014

Can you believe that!?

It’s incredible for us. It seems yesterday when we were writing the first album and we were 5 people full of ideas and dreams.

Well, it’s our birthday today! TEN YEARS of Ravenscry. 10.

Many things happened during these years: 1 EP, 3 Albums, 4 European Tours and many gigs around Europe… Hundreds of experiences and friends. Great things, but also many difficulties. And, during this story, there is one factor that never changed: YOU.

We could write a lot of things about us, but the truth is that YOUR presence, your support, is the key for a band life. It’s the key to keep motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm alive. We would like to name all of you, really.

So, guys, this post is for YOU, and to THANK YOU for 10 years of support.

Now, a little bit of history…


 Ravenscry was born…


Our first EP Ravenscry was out, so we did our first official photoshooting…


Our first single and videoclip Nobody was published. Now it has more than 1 million views. We also did our first tour in UK and Belgium


Our first album One Way Out was released. Then we toured in Scandinavia to promote the album


One Way Out was released in Japan…

… And we published our second video Calliope


We recorded our second album The Attraction Of Opposites



Our second album The Attraction Of Opposites was released…

…and we published the single Missing Words. We also played at Prog Power Metal Fest in Belgium


We published the video of Noir Desire… 

and Alive, from The Attraction Of Opposites


We recorded our third album, The Invisible

Ravenscry 2017


Our third album The Invisible was released…

…and we published the single Oscillation


Paul left the band as a live performer, but he still remains as a composer. Federico Schiavoni joined the band as a guitarist.

Ravenscry 2017 5

This year we played in Omni Tour with Angra, Operation:Mindcrime and Halcyon Way. And after, we played in the Prevail II Tour with Kobra And The Lotus. We had the opportunity to bring The Invisible in many countries and to meet you live. It’s been a great run!

And many to come…


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