“Missing Words” video is out today

Missing Words
Ravenscry have chosen Missing Words as first single to introduce their new album The Attraction of Opposites, which will be released on May 27th. The video has been directed by Salvatore Perrone (DevilDriverFleshgod Apocalypse, Empyrios, Serenity) at Alessandro Taccani hydroelectric power plant in Trezzo sull’Adda (MI).
Missing Words is about the regret of not having expressed certain feelings, that moment when you realise it’s too late to do that” says Giulia Stefani, vocalist and lyrics’ author. “In the video the protagonist is reminiscent of a person, feeling him closer to her and she regrets that she wasn’t able to express her emotions when she had the chance.”
On Ravenscry official website (http://www.ravenscryband.com) pre-orders of the new album The Attraction of Opposites are now available. You will get a card with a download code, that will give you the chance to download the full album in high quality once released on May 27th and then the hard copy will be shipped to you with no additional costs.

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