The Band


Ravenscry were born in 2008, near Milan, from the encounter… no wait a second, you can find this shit into the official biography as well.

This is our blog, this is more a “take a look inside the box” thing, we want you to know us better and in a different way because we want to know what you think and what you see.

This is our way to express ourselves, through the music and through the messages that it contains. Ravenscry is a sum of extremely different elements with some common views, it’s a continuous changing world with a solid unvariable base, it’s The Attraction of Opposites.

We will write this blog in different languages, there are different teams working on the English, Italian, German and Japanese versions which will be available as soon as possible. We will go deep inside all the elements of Ravenscry and we will begin in the next posts by knowing better who we are singularly, so stay tuned and STAY RAVEN!


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