Luxury of a Distraction

Luxury of a Distraction

How many times a day do you give yourself the luxury of a distraction? How many hours a day do you spend working on your day job? Which are your priorities?

We are just a rock band, we don’t have answers, we have our own view and we can describe what we see through our eyes.

You know that I’ve never seen people saving each other

This song taken from “The Attraction of Opposites” talks about the fact that a lot of people spend their life in time-consuming stress-creating jobs, without taking the chance of living their life at full.

When was the last time you dedicated some time to yourself?

Think about this, you are probably living a life where more than 50% of your awake time you are working for someone else. The remaining time you will be probably thinking about what you did during your working day and when you finally get to stop thinking about it, it is just the time to go to sleep. Is this what you really want?


It’s just about that, you have to know what’s really important to you, you have to find out what makes you really happy and what doesn’t. Doing stuff because “it’s the right thing to do” just leads you to do what others think it’s best for you. Stop doing what you are doing and ask yourself: “Is this what I really want?” if the answer is yes just keep doing it, otherwise you have to get to know you better and find your priorities. Focus on what is best for you, not for the other people.


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