Touching The Rain

Touching the Rain

You get out of the house. You don’t take an umbrella. Yes, there are some intimidating clouds in the sky, but you’re convinced that it will not rain. You start walking and every step you make you are losing present perception, time and space, and you get flooded with thoughts. Now you are thinking about the argument you made, you’re thinking about the hard morning at work, you’re thinking about something to do or to tell someone later. As you do, the discomfort makes its way into your brain and your body, your mind governs your feelings and you let it do; indeed, sometimes you can’t do anything about. You don’t want this, but for you it’s also a comfort zone, because the effort to facing the mind is too big and you don’t know what awaits you behind the vortex. Around you, in the meantime, life goes on.

Rain Awareness

The clouds are gray and raindrops start falling. You keep walking, you hear every drop touching your body and wash away a thought. Quickly you go out from the vortex of your confused mental images and you are present, lucid, conscious. The touch of rain momentarily awakened you, and the discomfort has disappeared. You’re suddenly quiet, relaxed. You don’t know why and that you’re seeing behind the vortex, you are not aware of being in a rare moment of awareness.

Know, and then choose

Awareness is a theme that recurs in The Attraction Of Opposites, and in this passage we bring to light its more “practical” meaning. The mind is still mysterious in many aspects, and when we realize that we can’t control some of our thoughts – and as a result some of our actions – we are convinced we are powerless facing this lack of control.

In fact, if, in a lucid moment, we realize that we have the reins of our thinking, or rather “non-thinking”, we could have the keys to a more conscious life. We usually think unabated and it’s hard to stop this vortex; yet, choosing to be awake and establishing this new habit, we could have the great opportunity to have a better knowledge of ourselves, and then having more power and control over ourselves.

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