“After the tour” feelings and summer projects…

Ravenscry Pub Meeting

Hello Ravens!
We are back from the “Kobra” Tour about 2 weeks ago, and each of us started his daily routine again.
We are very happy about this tour, we had a lot of fun living again on the road and sharing the stage with such great musicians and persons like our friends Kobra And The Lotus.  We travelled across Spain, France and Switzerland: we met a lot of you and talked to new people with so much pleasure. And of course, playing our music and especially The Invisible live is always special.

So, THANK YOU guys! Another amazing adventure goes to our “history book” ;)

Now, it’s time to relax a bit and think about the future. Yes, also in “relax mode” our brains are working with music stuff. Obviously.
We met our band brother Paul and discussed about the tour we did. And, the most important thing, we started to talk about new material… It’s the first step.

We’ll surely talk about new stuff again in the next weeks, so, keep following our social media pages to be constantly updated.

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Stay Raven

P.S. And also we are evaluating new live situations, something very interesting…

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