The Invisible Story: Hypermnesia

The Invisible Story: The Entanglement

Hypermnesia: abnormally vivid or complete memory or recall of the past

We used to think that our mind is like a library, where our memories are methodically filed. For some reason, usually we are not so good as “librarians” for ourselves. We forgot many things, many memories, but, it seems that it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are there, fully available. We often experience deja vu, because something is suddenly recalled by our mind. And we have not complete control of this process.

“Mathematics, formulas, physical phenomena,

numbers chasing others but none of this

has to do with what I see”

But, as we said, Coral is special. The “librarian” inside her mind speaks to her repeatedly.

One day, at work, while looking at a physics book she feels something different. A sort of connection, but she can’t understand its meaning.

“Why does it exist

it’s already in the library of my mind?”

Something changes in her routine. Numbers and words in her mind, usually organized, are now in disorder, starting to move in circle. Memories is starting to knock at the door behind her eyes, demanding for the truth.

The librarian where she works also says:

She is a very introverted girl, I don’t think shy or insecure, but think she is just jealous of her thoughts. In the time I’ve known her, I was able to recognize she has no family, she lives alone and she is very passionate about physics and books, especially those with many pictures. Sometimes, in her work breaks, she locks herself in the bathroom for a long time…The last time was a few days ago: strangely she stayed in there for over a half-hour. I was worried about her so I knocked to asked if she was all right. She told me that she was so consumed by an image in her book, that she had lost track of time. It was a textbook, the picture on the cover, she said, was a place already in the library of her mind. It was strange to hear her say that but I think she meant that that place looked familiar. The next day she did not show up for work.”

That is because she notes the cover photo that recalls an image of childhood: Somers in Montana where she was born. And she decides to embark on a journey in search of her origins and to meet her family.

“…La La La La…”

To be continued

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