The Invisible Story: Whispered Intro

The Invisible Story: The Entanglement

Coral has something special. Nobody, even her, yet knows what it is. Not on the surface, anyway.

It’s something that goes beyond some of her natural talents, like doing maths, physics, organization skills. No, it’s something deeper, that lives deep inside her heart and soul. She is about to discover that part, because journey is almost ready to begin.

“Try, try, you will learn to fly”

She works in a library and the librarian says:

“She carries out her work with commitment and dedication, although frankly I find it hard to understand her. I mean. They presented her to me as a person with a painful past, a personality to be gently stroked. I thought that her probationary period would last only a short time but instead she has been here for two years. Her job is to categorize, store books and arrange them on the shelves, nothing so complicated, and for this I admire her. Anybody else, including me, would often get distracted and not take this work so seriously. Day to day, she always carries out her work, with the same maniacal precision and attention as she did in the beginning”

“Try, try, if you keep searching for your ties”

And, looking back at her childhood, this is what the director of the orphanage said about Coral:

“Coral had always been a quiet child. She was less problematic than her companions and in some cases even smarter. This was noticed when she began to read, to the surprise of ‘em all, during the screening of a slide show series introduced at school as a new play activity. After the last slide, before the teacher could even open her mouth to introduce the picture, they heard her muttering something from the back of the classroom. She was even reading the short caption with confidence. She was three and a half years old and no one had ever taught her to read yet. Probably the children books that captivated her, were the reason”

It will be a book. A particular book she will find during her work, it will light the day and the life of the girl…

“You’re going to be exactly where you want

You’re going to be exactly who you want”

To be continued

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