“Positive Reflections and Vibrations”

Hey Ravens, how are you?

Two months have already passed since the beginning of 2021, a year that rings with hope both for music and for the whole world.

During these days, between band meetings (unfortunately for the moment still via Skype), we were reflecting on the fact that exactly one year ago we were in the full vortex of planning for the release of “100”: we were full of expectations and ready for the journey, we could have never imagined that soon the whole world would have suffered a setback.

Within a few days, we found ourselves at a crossroads and had to make a choice: publish the album anyway, with all the critical issues which that delicate historical moment entailed, or wait for a better condition?

Well, the choice we made is well known: “100” has been out for a few months and, although we would have liked to bring our music live, we had to invent another way to get in touch with you: our supporters, fans, friends!

So, almost as a joke, our “Live Chat” began with many colleagues and collaborators from the world of music, art, and entertainment: this experience proved to be extremely cool! Your response was very warm, as was the enthusiasm with which the guests agreed to talk with us, answer our questions (ours and yours), deepen reflections on life, and above all have a few laughs together.

We can only be super grateful to you and our guests for their participation and how everyone has contributed to making a difficult situation a positive situation for the whole world.

All this gives us even more strength to continue believing in everything we do despite the obstacles: in the meantime, get ready… there will be other surprises!

Thank you!

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