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2021 is a year full of hope for everyone’s rebirth, and it represents a new beginning for the restart of music, but for us, it also coincides with the 10th anniversary of Ravenscry’s first full-length release. On the 15th of April 2011, we finally published One Way Out.

It seems like yesterday since our first effort was able to see the light. Songs like “Nobody” and “Calliope” timidly began to make themselves known when social networks were not an established reality yet, and just YouTube started to attract people’s attention.

In a very little time, you made us feel your appreciation by giving us the strength and the spirit to continue making music to this day and to overcome every obstacle.

To celebrate this event and to thank you for all the affection and support you have shown over the years, we have decided to publish a limited edition vinyl of “One Way Out”. Only 50 copies will be available.
Each copy will be numbered and supplemented by a booklet created on purpose for this special event.
Pre-orders start from today, and the actual release will happen on the 15th of April 2021, exactly ten years after the first one.
You can find everything at the following link.

PRE-ORDER “One Way Out – 10th Anniversary ” LIMITED EDITION: here

Thanks again for your support!

See you soon, Ravens!

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