G.A.S.: Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Live

Ravenscry PPM 2014

As we all know, there have been three important inventions in human’s history, which changed its course:

  • The wheel firstly attributed to the 25 years old beauty from “Piacenziano” times called Lucy Afarensis, but lately attributed to the famous Ötzi… former member of Paleo-Sabbath and creator of the Ösbournes.
  • The Lamborghini Miura (by Ferruccio Lamborghini feat. Dallara, Stanzana and Bertone).
  • The Two Notes Torpedo (by the mighty Guillaume Pille… even if the most consider him a mythological figure).

Even if the utility of the first two inventions is obvious (getting around the first and getting around with style the second), we cannot say the same about the third one.
This cannot be tolerated.
More than global warming.
More than ketchup on spaghetti.
More than tight-rolled jeans cuffs.

However, I am here to remediate on this.

Let us start with its inventor, Guillaume Pille. No, he is not a mythological creature, he really exists and I had the honor of meeting him years ago at the Musikmesse. Thanks to his vision all of us, as guitar players, bass players or sound engineers can have a better life.

Why? Because the Torpedo is a digital loadbox.

And what does it do? Mainly it gives you the chance to record at a studio quality every composition with in the easiest way possible.

Let us start from the beginning. Usually, when you have to record electric guitar, you need an amp, a cab, one or more microphones and a studio where you can put these things together and to play them as loud as you possibly can. Also you have to add the costs (unluckily for the guitar player, but as it should be for the studio owner). Now close your eyes and just imagine that you could take away the studio, then the audio engineer, then the microphones, then, if you want, the cab and of course the costs of all these.

Oh yes, thanks to the Torpedo this is all possible. All you need to do is plugging your favorite amp into the Torpedo and you are good to go. Thanks to the genius Guillaume you can find in the Torpedo perfect simulations of cabs and the best microphones you can dream of, not to mention the tubes simulations for the power amps and of course an equalizer. You will have then hundreds of combinations between your amp, the cab of your dreams, professional microphones and the final equalization.

Of course, you can virtually move the microphones from the center of the cone to the edge, changing the sound, as you would do in a normal studio. When you have objects like this in your hands, the funniest part is to experiment to the infinite! In fact, once you have connected your amp to the Torpedo, you can connect it to a real cab, so you can put a microphone on that as well and you can record bot at the same time!

Nevertheless, this is not all.

You can also (by using a software you can download for free from the Two Notes website) create your own IR. This means that, if you have a cab you love and a microphone you cannot get enough of, you can save their characteristics, their SOUND, into the Torpedo with a very simple process and you can always have them at your service. Always with the same quality, both in studio and live! In addition, if you play live this means that you will not need ever again to put a microphone in front of your cab, no more feedbacks in to other microphones and no more noise.

I personally think that this is one of the most important inventions for a musicians, I just cannot live anymore without it.

Give yourself a chance and try it, nothing will ever be the same.


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