Dear 2016

Giulia Stefani Dear 2016

Dear 2016, you are just 4 months old, but you already showed how such a pain in the ass you are: you take away from me all the beloved ones and you are making people even more ignorant than they usually are. You are covering me with a blanket made of laziness, so warm, but so… paralyzing!

The temptation of staying under there, in that warmness, touched me many times.

Then, when I open a book, or when I listen to someone who is more experienced than I am, my inner fire lightens back up.

So that blanked becomes suddenly too short, when I try to cover my head I discover my feet. The only curiosity made me taller, more erected, more alive. I do not know how longer it will last, but sometimes knowing too much or, as in my case, too many questions, can hurt.

Or, as someone says (I do not remember whom, other curiosity to be satisfied): “Knowing is dying, but learning is living”.

Today, after a great day of study and research, this is how I see things!

So, dear 2016, tomorrow morning I will take your balls and I will take you out, in a great sunny day (or a rainy one, who cares :/) is waiting for us!

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