Your Way

Your Way

Have you ever really trusted anyone at 100%? Did you consider absolutely truth anyone else’s information or did you ever follow any advice without questioning it? Or, on the contrary, you usually feel the need to find your way, to try an experience by yourself before accepting it as truth and understand it as well.

A difficult path

When you choose to walk through a difficult path like self-knowledge or personal growth, you are taking after you a bag full of doubts and fears. You often mislead yourself, thinking you can always find someone who gets you to the mountaintop; you hope to find shortcuts, easier and shorter ways. In fact, without proper training and stamina, the peak becomes out of reach. Then you stop, and rest; you open the bag and eat your uncertainties once again, until you become too heavy to do another step forward.

There might be people who encourage you along the way, and people that show you everything you need so that you can get to the top. But if you want the top, you have to go for it. If you want to know yourself and find out what you can do and how to face your limits, then no one can do this for you. And that’s simply because no eye can see as deep as yours. No magic glasses, no telescopes, no periscopes. Open your eyes and look at yourself closely.

Don’t believe, observe

In The Witness we talked about the wisdom that comes from an ancient guide or “prophet”, some knowledge handed down from the past that we have not experienced directly and therefore “forgotten”. In this song, by contrast, “there’s no prophet to believe“, there is no guidance or truth that you can’t find through your own experience. The truth about you and what you can be.

You can turn your senses to the outside, but also within yourself, just starting to look at feelings and behaviors, without judging. You might pause for a moment and listen to your breath, feel the beat of your heart and ask yourself why you’ve never heard that. And you may realize that your chances and knowledge of the world aren’t confined by space and time.

Then you can see a way: your way to a new awareness. And a great desire to follow it.

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