The end of the circle. Cynic is the central piece of The Attraction of Opposites, and it is the perfect album synthesis. All pairs of tracks, opposites each other, show contradictions, fears, cynicism. Here, however, it manifests a human being who has exceeded his limits, his regrets, and has gone beyond even his cynicism, the same one that transpires from other lyrics.

A “new” person

The search for yourself, a particularly recurring theme in the album, seems to find its fulfillment here. The person feels really self-conscious, awareness, he is able to face the fears, to overcome his inner conflicts and live in the present time. Cynic also overcomes the paradox of aid from the outside as opposed to independence from the others ideas (the contrast that existed between The Witness and Your Way): here we speak of someone who teaches you something (or gives you help), but at the same time there are a number of personal actions that are performed by yourself (I’ll break the screen – I’ll cross it all – I feel), and those actions make you independent and active.

A new way

Independence, however, is not in conflict with the outside and the contact with people, indeed, it is valued: we are talking about mutual aid without manipulation towards others and by others. We are unique individuals thanks to personal relationships, because that relationships shape us and make us evolve. The search for who we really are is a personal journey, but at the same time it would be incomplete without an understanding that comes from the comparison with other people. This concept of inter-dependence gives an aspect of hope and a positive vision to the entire album.

Cynic is the conclusion of a process that, as it is for all the things, it’s also the beginning of a new way.

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